Tracy Lum

Oh, hello

October 17th, 2016 in

Remember those days when I used to write? Those were good times. I miss writing. These days, I only write code, and words about code. It’s cool; eventually I’ll get back to writing sweet listicles and personal essays, but for now, the time is ripe for coding. Am I hallucinating, or did the typeface for […]

Wedding Season

June 7th, 2016 in

Wedding season is upon us once more, and I am in the thick of it. Between all the showers, bachelorette parties, and actually ceremonies, I have little free time and disposable income these days. It’s fun, but also a lot to handle. It all makes me wonder if I should be less good at maintaining […]


February 13th, 2016 in

I think I may have a slight addiction to coding. Between accepting a job offer and starting the actual job, I took a week off to relax and take care of some things. More often than not I’d find myself wandering over to my laptop where I would begin tweaking something or doing a couple […]

Fall 2015

November 15th, 2015 in

I think it’s fall, but I can’t be quite sure. It’s unseasonably warm for this time of year here in the tri-state area, which is great for not having to break out my winter wardrobe, but confusing in that I can’t rely on the weather to confirm that time is┬ápassing, and in that I have […]

<3 Flatiron

November 7th, 2015 in

I’m halfway through my web development immersive program at the Flatiron School, and I’m already missing it. While it would be great to have a steady income again, I’m loving every minute spent at school, and I can’t imagine what it’ll be like when the program ends. When weekends come around, I’m even tempted to […]