Tracy Lum

Oh, hello

October 17th, 2016 in

Remember those days when I used to write?

Those were good times. I miss writing. These days, I only write code, and words about code. It’s cool; eventually I’ll get back to writing sweet listicles and personal essays, but for now, the time is ripe for coding.

Am I hallucinating, or did the typeface for this WordPress editor change while I was away? It’s funny how much you miss when you’re stuck in the matrix.

Since I last wrote, I attended more weddings, ate a lot more ice cream, turned 27, ran a half-marathon, started learning Vim and React, and also began a course on machine learning through Coursera. Oh also, I shipped a new onboarding flow, worked on a subscription pausing feature, and did some work on a gem. So, as you can see, been a little busy.

Sometimes I think it’s weird that you can prioritize things for a given period of time and dedicate all your efforts to them. Time passes; you let other things slip, and yet the things on which you focus get done really well. That’s what I’m constantly doing, reprioritizing. That’s how things like writing, piano, learning Chinese get put on the backburner while I pursue my goals of becoming a better programmer and getting fit enough to run the entirety of a half-marathon. It’s nuts, but cool. I don’t often like to harp on the merits of hard work and dedication, but they are real and haven’t let me down in a while.