Tracy Lum

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News & Features at Media Outlets

Medium. Any more polished content I can’t find a home for goes to my Medium. You can find mostly personal essays and short fiction here.

Tiger Startups. I was a founding member of TigerStartups, the ultimate destination for Asian Americans in tech. As a blogger/writer, I contributed about two pieces a week, including opinion pieces, company profiles, or founder profiles.

The Writer’s Network. I used to write for Money & Business and Beauty & Style. The moral of the story is that I can write about basically anything and make it sound good.

The Examiner. I wrote a few classic literature reviews for a column, but I’ve since taken a respite.

The Bucknellian. I wrote for my school newspaper weekly for four years. I was also editor-in-chief during the fall 2010 semester. You can read my work specifically here.