Migrating from Octopress to Jekyll

After a lot of frustration trying to get Octopress to work, I decided to simplify and switch to Jekyll. So please forgive any missing images and other weird junk.

How to Migrate

Fortunately, migrating from Octopress to Jekyll is fairly straightforward. I went over to the Jekyll documentation and installed the jekyll gem. Then I built a new project with the default theme because that seemed simplest.

Next, I updated the URL format to match my current blog in case anyone was linking to those posts.

In the _config.yml file, I added this line:

permalink: /blog/:year/:month/:day/:title/

Then, I recursively copied the contents of my old blog, located in the source/_posts directory over to the _posts directory in my new project.

After I previewed the blog using jekyll serve, I added my old blog's GitHub repo as a remote to my new blog's directory. Then I force pushed the updates up, and voila, the blog was migrated.


Adding a Remote